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Stay tuned for my upcoming album, Rude People

The Ought Nots (2011)

A lot of rocky songs. But a synthesis of all previous styles. Favorite Tracks: it ain't so bad, cops goombas daisy the rock, BACK

Self-titled (2010)

My latest. Much more guitar, much less computer music. Well, you be the judge. I covered some of my older songs on this one too, something that's a lot of fun. Favorite tracks: no, outdoor bohemian drive-in high rise, giant alligators

Hazardous to Mix (2010)

Guaranteed copyright infringement! Good thing I don't have any money! Favorite tracks: Dangerous (Hazardous), one minute thirty seven seconds man, little machines (hazardous waste)

A Hard Lime for Hard Times (2009)

This cover was a lot of fun. I still have that hard lime. And I will always need it. I lean more toward traditional songwriting, but don't worry, it's all over the genre board like usual. Favorite tracks: knucklebone; boss music, level three, underground. Also, the secret tracks are RADDDDDDZ.

The Heart EP (2009)

Just a few songs. The title track is one of my all-time favorites.

4763 Ride! (2008)

My first album after my original computer had been stolen. A mix of electronic, guitar, and good old fashioned el gato peligro-style rappin'. I had just picked up a guitar at this point. Favorite tracks: broken, beaten; too many fucking things; too much work, not enough reward